Hi there, I'm so glad you're here.  I know meeting a new stylist can be a bit overwhelming so I want to make this experience as smooth as possible for you. My goal is to help you achieve your hair goals while keeping your locks in the best condition possible. 

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3 Steps to Beautiful

Step 1). You'll start by selecting which of the 4 New Guest Service you'd like to recieve. After you've decided, click below to request your appointment through my online booking site link and select one of the New Guest Services from the menu.  

Step 2). After you've requested your appointment you will receive an email confirmation of your appointment within 24hrs.  Keep an eye on your email because I'll be sending a New Guest Pre-consultation form for you to complete prior to your appointment** to ensure you've selected the correct service to achieve your goals and also a Digital Welcome Packet for you to review.

Step 3). Arrive relaxed and confident I'm beyond prepared for our first visit. 

**I respect your time and ask that this form be completed prior to your appointment. If I haven't received your New Guest Intake Form within 24 hours of your appointment your appointment will be cancelled. 

Still not sure what to book?  Click Here to fill out the New Guest Intake Form and I'll get back to you within 24 hours.

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On the Day of Your Visit

During your visit with me we will go through a full consultation. During this consultation we'll discuss your hair history, present state and future goals for your hair. 


I will then create a custom plan for your hair that aligns with both your hair goals and your lifestyle.  Every color client receives a custom color formulation that I record in my online database so it's ready to refer to at every visit. 


Throughout your service I'll show you what products I recommend for at home care. I'll show you how to use them to achieve optimal condition and style between visits.  And finally, I'll also set you up with your next appointment.  

I'm looking forward to meeting you!